Friday, August 26, 2011

School Time Clock Software

Since all the kids in our area started hitting the books again, I was reminded of how many schools use our Virtual TimeClock software. I've talked to a lot of schools about their time and attendance software needs over the years and I've come to realize that in most cases, schools use time clock software for three reasons.

Employee Payroll
One reason schools use time clock software is to track hours worked for non-salaried employees to make payroll processing more efficient. They need a time tracking solution for bus drivers, custodial workers, food service staff, administrative employees, and even for teachers that may get paid an hourly rate for after school programs.

Student Workers
Another reason schools use time clock software is to track hours for student workers. These may be paid student workers or just volunteers that need to keep track of their hours for other reasons. These are usually part-time workers and the department roster changes every semester. We see this a lot with our colleges and universities.

Classroom Hours
The third reason schools turn to time clock software is to log the number of hours spent in the classroom by students. We see this a lot with our technical and adult education schools that require minimum classroom training hours for certain technical fields. It also helps instructors keep up with attendance requirements since students just punch in as they enter the classroom.

I'm sure there are other reasons schools use time clock software, but these are the three I hear most often. Visit our website to find out what other schools are saying about Virtual TimeClock.

Jeff Morrow
Virtual TimeClock Product Specialist
Redcort Software

History of Time and Attendance Systems

The Industrial Revolution brought major changes to the economies of Europe and the United States by ushering in sweeping technological changes for both manufacturing and transportation. With the arrival of machine based manufacturing, entire families began moving from their rural farm homes to the cities to find work in the newly industrialized factories, which was often dangerous, unhealthy, and paid very little. It wasn't long before the government stepped in to help improve factory conditions and regulate how many hours people were made to work. This gave rise to the first time and attendance systems.

Learn how modern time and attendance software has revolutionized employee time tracking by reading our new online article called History of Time and Attendance Systems.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Personal Time Clock Software

Deploying new time clock software in any business can be a challenge if you haven't taken the time to review your office workflow and how you want the time clock to be utilized. One of the questions you need to ask yourself is whether you want the time and attendance software to just function as a simple networked time clock, or you also want to use it to improve office communication.

Virtual TimeClock has the flexibility to be deployed as a personal time clock or as an in/out board time clock. Personal time clocks are great if you have employees working at dedicated computer workstations and you don't want them to be able to see when other employees are coming and going. The way to accomplish this is by creating display groups for each employee and assigning that single employee display group to the computer time clock they use. We hope to have a new Virtual TimeClock Personal Client out soon that won't require the set up of individual display groups because the user display will be automatically assigned based on user login.

I have to admit that I do love the time clock in/out board. It's a great tool for always knowing where your employees are at and what they're working on. This is a huge productivity booster, especially when trying to route calls or customers. The Virtual TimeClock Pro Client will continue to be an option for those time clock software users like me who can't live without the in/out board.

Jeff Morrow
Virtual TimeClock Product Specialist
Redcort Software