Thursday, April 25, 2013

ADP ezLaborManager Replacement

I've talked to several prospective customers lately who are looking for a new time & attendance system to replace ADP ezLaborManager. Their first issue is the expense; being charged several dollars per employee every month, month after month, is starting to get expensive. They're looking for a time clock software solution they can buy outright. Their second issue is they don't like feeling trapped into continuing to use ezLaborManager because they think they'll lose integration with ADP payroll. Virtual TimeClock is a great solution for both of these issues.

First of all, Virtual TimeClock is a one-time license fee based on computer connections rather than per employee who needs to use the time clock. So a company that wants to run a time clock on 10 individual computer workstations will pay more than a company that can manage with running a time clock on 2 computers in places of convenient access to all employees. Secondly, Virtual TimeClock integrates perfectly with ADP Pay eXpert online payroll. So there's really no need to continue paying high and ongoing fees for your employee time & attendance.

Jeff Morrow
Product Specialist
Redcort Software, Inc.